WLSA Programmes Co-ordinator speaking at the Provincial Inception meeting in Mutare

On November 30, Women and Law in Southern Africa – Zimbabwe (WLSA) conducted a project inception meeting at the provincial, district, and ward levels for a new project titled “Enhanced Participation and Inclusion of Women in Demanding Gender Responsive Policies on Disaster Risk Management in Zimbabwe”. 

The project is being implemented in Chipinge and aims to support law and policy reform or actions in disaster risk management, which increase equal access to resources and opportunities for structurally marginalized groups such as women, young people, and people with disabilities. The purpose of the inception meeting was to establish buy-in from stakeholders and appraise them on the project goals and objectives. The meeting was attended by 103 people, of whom 82 were females and 21 were males. 

The project aims to increase women’s participation and inclusion in demanding gender-responsive policies on disaster risk management in Zimbabwe. It seeks to achieve this through various activities, including capacity building for women, lobbying and advocacy, and research and evidence-based advocacy. The project will also work with government, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure that gender-responsive policies and practices are integrated into disaster risk management strategies. 

Speaking at the meeting, WLSA Zimbabwe Programmes Director Patricia Muganhiri , emphasized the importance of the project in advancing gender equality and women’s rights in Zimbabwe. She highlighted that women and other structurally marginalized groups are often the most vulnerable in times of disaster and are left behind in decision-making processes. The project seeks to address this by empowering women to demand their rights and participate in decision-making processes, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are met.

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