WLSA programmes Co-ordinator facilitating the Transformational Leadership Training in Chipinge

On December 1 Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) recently conducted a Transformational Leadership Training for aspiring women leaders and women in leadership positions in Ndiadzwa Ward 9 and Ward 14 Tamandi. The training, attended by 24 women, including 4 Persons with Disabilities, aimed to equip women with the knowledge to lobby for women’s involvement in disaster risk management committees.

The WLSA programmes Director facilitated the training, who capacitated the participants on the qualities of a good leader and overcoming gender discrimination and patriarchy in attaining leadership positions as women.

The participants were equipped with the necessary skills to become transformational leaders during the training. They were also sensitised on how to overcome gender discrimination and patriarchy, which are some of the barriers that prevent women from attaining leadership positions.

The training came at an opportune time when the country is experiencing an El Nino, which has delayed the onset of rainfall and prolonged dry spells. This weather pattern could significantly impact food production and disrupt the food supply chain, making it crucial for women to be involved in disaster risk management committees.

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