Community Popular Opinion Leaders celebrating the 16 days of Activism in Lupane Sibombo ward.

Gender Justice trainings

Training of traditional leaders in Murehwa District

Economic Empowerement

WLSA Zimbabwe with support from We Effect giving out Income generating projects in Hopley Harare.

Gender Based Violence fair in Harare. WLSA exhibition table.

Mudzi district monitoring visits

Discussions on Monitoring and Evaluation of projects.

Taking the law to the people

WLSA conducting Mobile legal aid clinics in Rusape Makoni District


WLSA Zimbabwe National Director Slyvia Chirawu signing the MOU with the Judiciary Service commission on helpdesks.

Legal education

Legal education and trainings being conducted in Lupane District.

Gender justice

Traditional leaders legal education.

Submissions on the Land Commission Bill

Submissions on the Land Commission Bill

S ubmitted to - Portfolio Committee on Lands, Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation ,Parliament of Zimbabwe

On the 13th of July, 2016, the Land Commission bill (hereinafter called the bill) was gazetted. As stated in the preamble, the “act” seeks to provide for the Zimbabwe Land Commission established by section 296 of the Constitution; to provide for the acquisition of State land and the disposal of State land; to provide for the settlement of persons on, and the alienation of, agricultural land; to provide for the control and subdivision and lease of land for farming or other purposes; to provide for limiting of the number of pieces of land that may be owned by any person and the sizes of such land; to repeal the Agricultural Land Resettlement Act(Chapter 20:01) and the Rural Land Act( Chapter 20:18) and the Land Acquisition Act ( Chapter 20:10) and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. The bill goes on to lay out the relevant sections in the Constitution these being section 296 which provides for the establishment and composition of the Zimbabwe land Commission and section 297 which sets out the functions of the Commission.



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