Women Breaking Leadership Barriers

Lillian Zvomuya in Murehwa

Lilian Zvomuya, (51) never thought herself as the incoming Village Head. Being a woman, the position of Village Head was traditionally beyond her on grounds of gender than merit.READ MORE

Determination drives aspiring Councillor  - Sekesai Sande

For women in the rural areas, it has been an impossible mission, for one, Sekesai Sande, from Bindura rural, her aspirations to defy the odds is an unstoppable driving force. She won the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC -T) primary elections and will be representing Ward 14 in Bindura as a Councillor. READ MORE

I stand for the good of all Mrehwa Ward 9 Residents - Pauline Sixpence

"I benefited from the workshops I attended which were conducted by the Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) Zimbabwe. These workshops enhanced my understanding of the law and rights of women as stated in the Constitution of Zimbabwe,' said Sixpence during an interview in Mrewa recently. READ MORE

Mrehwa Rural Councillor braces to retain seat- Resta Dzvinyangomba

“I continue to fight for the rights of the girl child particularly in ending early child marriages and girls dropping out of school because I know from experience,”.READ MORE

Chido Madiwa-Tsinakwadi

Her victory in the primary elections made her confident and running the race to win. “If I get into parliament, since I have been doing meetings with the electorate under a tree. The next five years after 2023, people should be coming to my house and say please come and represent us,” concluded. READ MORE


Young woman eyeing Seke-Manyame Rural seat - Rairo Gunguwo

Running as an independent gives me flexibility to push people’s agenda and not restricted by the party agenda only. I have always believed in being the change I wish to see and in this instance through elections I want to enter a space where I can change the plight of us young women and promote gender and youth responsive policies in the country. READ MORE

A Woman of Today Must Arise and Shine - Tsitsi Chikonyora

Forty three year old Tsitsi Chikonyora believes that her life experiences sufficiently prepared her for the rough terrain that is often associated with politics. The rigors she went through since childhood instilled into her the resolve of standing up for one’s rights, more so as a girl child. READ MORE

Let us be the change we want - Fadzai Mahere

“The support I have received from volunteers both in my constituency and outside has been awesome,I have received wise counsel from women from the church, civic society, particularly on mobilization strategies and how to navigate gender based attacks.” READ MORE


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