A guide to the Domestic violence Act In Zimbabwe

What is the purpose of act?
To protect victims of domestic violence and provide for long term measures of prevention of domestic violence.
To prevent domestic violence from occurring.

Who will benefit from the act?
All persons who are in a relationship:
A current, former wife or husband.
All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, adopted or step children
People living with the perpetrator of the violence, for example relatives or domestic workers
A girlfriend or boyfriend whether current or former.

What is domestic violence?
The act describes domestic violence as any of the following:
Physical abuse which includes hitting, kicking, punching and other manner of physical abuse or assault or threat of such physical assault.
Sexual abuse and this includes, any conduct that humiliates, degrades or otherwise violates the sexual integrity of the complainant.
Emotional, verbal and psychological abuse and this includes repeated insults, ridicule, name-calling or repeated threats to cause emotional pain, obsessive jealousy and any behavior likely to cause mental injury.
Economic abuse and this includes deprivation of economic resources for family use, such as household necessities, medical expenses or school fees.

A guide to the Domestic violence Act

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