International Women’s Day 2018

“Transforming Women’s Lives through Economic Empowerment” As we commemorate the International Women’s Day, it is imperative for us to acknowledge the fact that the plight of the women folk still cries out for redress. While we are pleased that in some areas of life, great steps have been made, in

Justice Makoni ruling statement on the Hwange Women Demonstrations

Dear Colleagues Harare; High Court on the 27th of February 2018 delivered judgement on the case of infringement of private property filed by Hwange Colliery Company against demonstrating spouses and widows of unpaid employees of the coal mining company. The women have been protesting outside the company premises for close

Striking Hwange women score victories

Spouses of Hwange Colliery Company employees in a tent where they have been staying for a month February 27 2018 What initially started as a pep talk among spouses and widows of Hwange Colliery Company over non-payment of salaries of their husbands has shaken the coal mining giant prompting it

The legal requirements of mining

FACT SHEETS ON THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS OF MINING Can a woman become a miner? Yes. Women and men are encouraged to do mining as long as they have reached the right age to work. When can you become a miner? You can become a miner as soon as you turn 18

A guide to the Domestic violence Act In Zimbabwe

\What is the purpose of act? To protect victims of domestic violence and provide for long term measures of prevention of domestic violence. To prevent domestic violence from occurring. Who will benefit from the act? All persons who are in a relationship: A current, former wife or husband. All children,